Sunday, 6 September 2009


as suggested in the introduction to this blog, my other great passion in life in addition to food is dating adverts, came across a stunner of an example yesterday

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Hungover pinic

Surely the most debased meal known to the British psyche it is a meal solely consisting of fats and carbs with the intention of detoxing our sacred bodies of the truely glorious amount of alcohol consumed the night/morning before. Our location was Rachel's house and blessed be there is a Waitrose within a hungover stride of her door, we returned from this perilous journey with what can only be described as a sense of hunter gather pride for we had returned with meat, fat and lots of carbohydrate.
As an appertif if you will to the gluttony that was about to ensue we purchased to holy grail in the crisp world, not for this meal would there be the royalty of the kettle chip but the crass delights of bacon rashers. A husk of salt and bacon derived flavours enough to whip us up into such a frenzy that we were just able to attempt the complex culinary masterpiece that is carbonara (with it must be pointed out ready made sauce). The ready made carbonara was the stuff of hangover dreams surely this much could not make it into one product so shockingly creamy, bacony and cheesy it would make Gillian McKeith's wicked little fingers shake with mung bean induced rage! The picnic was now truely underway and the ambience of the living room was almost jovial and we purged our souls and livers to our hearts content.
As mentioned in the title of this post it was no 1 meal wonder that was to ensure we would continue dancing this evening with no doubt a suspicious quantity of vodka involved. It was a picnic and a picnic it turned out to be thanks to the addition of a range of other pure hungover indulgences.
  • Picnic eggs- as combination of egg and meat in an easy to handle size and as was pointed out by Dan a scotch egg is a meal in itself, we were trying to spread our gluttony amongst a variety of products
  • Roquefort cheese- blow me a cheese this fabulously strong requires both some kind of goverment health warning and taste buds that are seriously deadened by the afore mentioned alcohol abuse
  • Crackers- for the cheese
  • Smoothie - in a feeble attempt to dehydrate a least one part of our ravaged bodies without having to drink vast swimming pools of water
  • A melon- a last ditch attempt at healthy living

The picnic worked and enlivened our spirits once more for dancing under the moonlight though it must be noted that the melon was not consumed. I think that pretty much sums up the hungover picnic experience; no melon was eaten here.